ST Engineering North America & GoMango Demonstrates Smart Street Lighting Capabilities in Honolulu
June 26, 2019

Honolulu, HI., June 26, 2019 – As part of a smart city capability demonstration, ST Engineering North America, the U.S. headquarters of global technology, defense, and engineering group ST Engineering, turned over two WISX Smart Street Lighting kiosks to Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Mayor of Honolulu, at a ceremony on Kuhio Beach today.

“The WISX Smart Street Lighting kiosks are much more than a lighting system,” said Tom Vecchiolla, President and CEO, ST Engineering North America. “They are modular and scalable integration platforms that allow cities to roll-out various services for environmental observation and management, public safety and community engagement for its residents.”

The community engagement applications are provided by Go Mango Interactive Corp, a Chicago-based eco-system partner of ST Engineering North America.

Smart street lighting is just one component of ST Engineering’s WISX IoT platform which helps cities manage multiple services such as utilities, waste management and environmental monitoring, on a common platform. The platform leverages best of breed technologies and standards to facilitate data exchange, data analytics and generates greater insights for predictive actions to be taken to improve the efficiency of city services and operations.

Cities around the world are increasingly leveraging smart technologies to improve the operation and management of municipal services, enhance public safety, and overall quality of life for their communities. As a reflection of this trend, ST Engineering’s CitySense suite of smart city offerings comprising smart mobility, smart security and smart environment solutions, is seeing increasing deployment, adding to its record of 500 projects in more than 70 cities across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It was recently awarded a contract in the state of Georgia in the U.S. to provide a smart city platform to remotely control and monitor 50,000 smart street lights to enable energy savings and enhance public safety for residents.

“The ability to share information is one of the most critical functions of a city, and the WISX Smart Street Lighting kiosks that ST Engineering has so graciously donated to the city will allow us to become more resilient in the face of emergencies or severe weather,” said Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “Resiliency is where the environment meets the economy, and by sharing information more effectively with O‘ahu residents and visitors, we can bounce back from unexpected events more quickly and efficiently. I’m extremely pleased that ST Engineering allowed us to demonstrate this pilot project during the U.S. Conference of Mayors here in our island home.”

Located in Chinatown and at Kalakaua Avenue along Waikiki Beach, the Smart Street Lighting kiosks are part of a ST Engineering sponsored system demonstration in conjunction with the 87th Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors in Honolulu from June 28 till July 1, 2019.


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