The GoMango Platform

A versatile platform that makes it effortless to deploy and create new experiences that effortlessly evolve with your digital strategy.

Connect Everything

The GoMango platform makes it easy to connect devices, people, and analytics. The platform is engineered for scalability, customizability, intuitive use, integration with third party software, multiple deployment options, and built in data security. What would you like to do ?

DAM + CMS + Experience Manager

Today customers expect more and deserve more from digital engagement. GoMango provides an end to end solution to manage your assets, content, experiences and customer engagement across all your channels in and near store, social and mobile.  You can now launch captivating campaigns and manage their results with ease.


Intuitive in-context experience

Provide customers a dynamic, context driven experience based on their current environment and preferences.

Deliver the right experience at the right time.

Find out how the GoMango platform can help you and your business.


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